In the age of the customer, personalization is key. Are you nurturing your prospects along the buyer’s journey for optimal impact? In this webinar, we’ll focus on how to create targeted audience nurture tracks with Act-On’s automated programs and adaptive segmentation to dynamically nurture your leads through the buyer’s journey.

With Act-On, you can point, click, drag, and drop your way to a well-built marketing machine. Join us Wednesday, March 21st at 8:30 am - 9:30 am PST to hear from resident experts, Robert Kohnke and Max Spector.
They'll provide an overview of Targeted Audience Nurture Tracks, best practices, and a live virtual Q&A.

Meet your presenters:

Robert Kohnke

Robert Kohnke, Marketing Automation Specialist

As a former Technical Solutions Engineer, Robert brings an in-depth technical understanding of Act-On to Act-On’s own marketing team. He focuses on marketing best practices and strategies, to keep Act-On at the top of its own game. When he's not devouring leading edge marketing information, you can find Robert hunting for the abundant and elusive Tardigrade. 

Max Spector, Senior Product Manager

As a Product Manager at Act-On, Max bounces between working to understand the digital marketing initiatives of customers and designing enhancements and new features to support customer initiatives with engineering and internal stakeholders. This agile back and forth in a collaborative environment is what gets Max excited each day. In his spare time, Max brews beer, goes rowing on the Willamette river, and joyously resurrects his childhood toys with his two sons.

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