The CUSTOMER is in control. 

Online Webinar February 19th at 2pm eastern

While many companies today recognize this shift, navigating it isn’t quite as easy.

Nowhere is this truer than within the insurance industry. Customers are demanding the same ‘anytime anywhere any channel’ engagement with their insurance provider that they already enjoy with shopping, banking, and media.

Adapting to these omni-channel expectations requires change across operations, processes, people, and technology. Simply put, most insurance providers don’t have the experience or expertise to embark on such a transformative journey.

On February 19, meet Navigators Insurance and hear how putting the customer at the centre of everything shaped how experiences and services are delivered, and most importantly, how this multi-year journey of digital transformation separates them from the competition.

Other key takeaways from this special webinar:

  • How to address rapidly evolving customer expectations

  • How digital can improve operational efficiencies

  • What a successful digital transformation entails & key lessons learned

  • How marketing automation and integrated technologies powers the backbone of customer engagement