Act-On New User Boot Camp

Act-On Intermediate Training Workshop Syllabus

A 2-day virtual training to take your Act-On skills to the next level.


Students learn how to leverage more advanced features of the Act-On platform including: dynamic content, personalization, and progressive profiling. Users will develop dynamic segmentation and implement more targeted automated messages with practice exercises led by Act-On Learning Consultants.

You provide the content, we'll provide the how-to. 

What to Expect

The Intermediate Training Workshop runs Tuesday through Wednesday 8 AM through 12 PM PT/ 9AM through 1 PM GMT. 
There is a 30 minute break each day. The time of the break varies, but usually starts between 9:45 and 10:15 PT.


Have completed Fast-Track Onboarding, a New User Training Workshop, or have used Act-On for a year or more. 



List Management Best Practices


List Maintenance Programs


Subscription Management


Advanced CRM Strategies and ABM




Email Personalization


Advanced Forms


Advanced Landing Pages


Advanced Automated Programs

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