Act-On Power-Up



Are you curious about how to effectively use SMS marketing? Act-On’s SMS Analyst, Craig Balkin, will walk you through best practices to incorporate this communications channel to your current marketing strategy. In this 20-minute on-demand replay of our May Power-Up session, you’ll… 

  • Discover how to engage your customers with the right SMS message at the right time in a global market
  • Learn how to grow your SMS opt-in list quickly and easily with forms that meet compliance guidelines
  • Leave ready to drive event registration, emphasize training opportunities, and deploy logistical notifications by partnering SMS with email

Ready for more?

Excited to learn more about Act-On's SMS feature? Want to dive deeper into partnering SMS with your existing email marketing campaigns? We've created two mini power boosts and curated a collection of articles, success guides, and campaign playbooks to help you further deepen your SMS marketing strategy knowledge.

  • About Act-On SMS
    Learn more about this channel of communication and how Act-On allows you to use our SMS features for both Promotional and Transactional purposes.
  • FAQs for SMS
    Can I integrate SMS with other tools in my tech stack? Does Act-On have an API for SMS? Find out the answers to these questions and more!
  • Send SMS from an Automated Program
    Including SMS in your Automated Journeys is a great way to make use of SMS in your marketing efforts. Learn more about how to add sending SMS as a step in the Automated Journey Builder.
  • International SMS
    When International SMS is enabled, additional credits apply per message. Total credits for each international SMS Message will vary based on the country where each Recipient's phone number is based. Learn more about the cost of International SMS here!
  • Create List Segments with SMS Criteria
    Create opt-in and behavioral segments off your Master List to quickly and easily send messages to your contacts.
  • Best Practice Guide to SMS Marketing
    SMS is a daily communication channel for nearly 65% of the global population. Use this best practices guide to plan, build, improve and successfully implement your SMS marketing programs on an ongoing basis (or improve the efficiency and success of those you already run).