Act-On Power-Up



In this session, Act-On's Manager of Professional Services, Vanessa Bahena covers the key components of a successful nurture program throughout the customer lifecycle, including...

  • Thoughtful ways to nurture prospects and keep current customers engaged
  • Segmentation for personalized and relevant messaging
  • How to gain visibility into customer behavior through customer scoring
  • Marketing Automation Trends 2022
    Did you know that over half of marketers do not feel they are getting the full value from their automation platform? Or, that nearly 20% of marketing automation users are dealing with unreliable data and poor customer support? Explore these and other findings from Act-On’s recent survey of over 800 global marketing professionals on their usage of marketing automation platforms.
  • Marketing Automation Strategy Guide
    This eBook covers how to: develop and launch your marketing automation strategy, segment contacts to improve personalization and engagement, design and implement a lead nurturing program -- and more!
  • The Blueprint of a Nurture Program: How to Build an Effective and Engaging Campaign
    In this workshop, you'll dive into the anatomy of a compelling nurture program and come away with ideas and tactics for keeping your audience engaged throughout the customer lifecycle by mapping content to the buyer’s journey, leveraging multiple channels, and optimizing your nurtures for peak performance.
  • 3-Touch Lead Engagement
    Transitioning from another ESP for email marketing? This playboook helps you create an automated lead nurturing campaign that converts a subset of a customer’s warm leads – Middle of Funnel – to Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) status.
  • Welcome Email Automation Guide
    Automated programs can help you onboard your new customers quickly and it automates the entire process of sending "welcome" and "follow-up" emails. Keep the momentum going after the sale! Automate your welcome emails to create a well-timed and seamless experience.
  • How 3 Insurance Companies are Leveraging Marketing Automation
    How can you win attention and trust, then turn that into revenue? That’s a great question and one that many insurance companies are asking. This article gives you three real-life examples of how insurance companies leverage marketing automation to capture more interest, convert leads and grow business longterm.