Act-On Power-Up


Tired of your emails getting lost in the virtual abyss? 

Join us on February 15 @ 10 AM PST for an interactive webinar where our Deliverability experts and Act-On insiders, Alex Cunningham and Tayler Donti, will provide you with the tools to take control of your email deliverability and get your messages in front of the right people. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to level up your email game!

Register Today

Register today for the next webinar in our 2023 Power-Up series, Maximizing Engagement: Advanced Strategies for Targeting Your Audience.

Our best and brightest in-house deliverability stars will spill the details about how to get your messages delivered this year — so you can hit your marketing goals. You’ll learn how to:

  • Segment your marketing list to send targeted, relevant messages to your audience
  • Implement tactics to increase the visibility of your emails, like A/B testing to optimize subject lines, email content, and send times for maximum engagement
  • Keep an eye on industry trends and adjust your inbox strategy to stay ahead of the curve

Slammed with meetings? Day already finished? We totally get it. Webinars start at 10 am PST, but if you can’t make it, register anyway.  We’ll send you the on-demand recording so you can watch it on your schedule. And if you can attend live, we’ll have time at the end for Q&A!

About Our Presenters

Alex has worked in email marketing for over five years. Most of that time was spent providing deliverability expertise and service to marketing agencies across the globe. A Florida native and University of Central Florida graduate, he enjoys spending time with family and friends on the golf course or the water.

Tayler has worked in the marketing space, specifically in email marketing, for over 2 years. She got most of her experience from building and running the email marketing department for a local brand in Portland, OR, where she currently resides. When she’s not helping people send the best email, she likes to go on hikes all around the PNW alongside her best pup friend, Chai.

Upcoming Topics

We're excited to take you to the next level in 2023! Here's what's coming up next:

  • April - One-Off Emails, Design Best Practices, and Content Strategy
  • May - Nurture Series, Audience Segmentation, and Automated Programs
  • June - Event-Triggered Email
  • July - Act-On's Beacon and You
  • September - CRM Integrations
  • October - SMS, Strategy, and Opt-In List Building

Missed a Session?

We've got you covered! Here are links to this year's webinars: