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List Maintenance:
Setting Your Year Up for Success

Have big marketing plans for 2023? Yeah, we do too! But as a marketer, you also know your plans are only as good as your foundation. We’re talking about your data and making sure all your amazing prospects and customers get the right messages at the right time this year. And, of course, preventing messages from getting sucked into the dreaded "black hole” of marketing (aka deliverability issues).

Join deliverability consultants Matthew Volkman and Travis Wetherbee for a powerful webinar about fixing your largest data hygiene and list maintenace challenges. In this on-demand replay, you’ll learn how to…  

  • Quickly scrub old addresses collecting dust on your lists
  • Create a proactive versus reactive list maintenance schedule to improve data hygiene
  • Manage your email bounces more effectively so you can improve marketing results

...and more!

Any questions?

Contact Matthew and Travis with any list maintenance or data hygiene questions!

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  • Requesting a List Cleanse or Validation
    Act-On has partnered with NeverBounce to provide you with the highest quality solutions to clean and validate your email marketing mailing lists. NeverBounce is an email quality expert delivering the industry's most comprehensive email hygiene and validation solutions. Read more about requesting a list cleanse!
  • Scrubbing Opt-Outs, Bounces, and Spam Complaints from a List
    When a contact opts out, hard bounces, or files a spam complaint from one of the email messages sent from your Act-On account, Act-On will ensure that is automatically suppressed from future mailings. However, it is a best practice to periodically remove these email addresses from your lists to keep your data and message reporting clean. Learm the steps to remove bounces and opt-outs from your list here!