Act-On Contacts

Act-On Contacts is here to organize your contacts and segments and to streamline your workflow within Act-On.  

If you are looking for an easier way to consolidate contact data into a single list, Act-On Contacts is right for you!  Sign up now to activate this feature while maintaining all your current Marketing List functionality - so you can migrate at your own pace.

Benefits of Act-On Contacts

  • Create a single, consolidated contact list that eliminates duplicates
  • Simplify CRM syncing and combine Leads & Contacts to streamline segmentation
  • Organize your contact segments with nested sub-folders, tags, drag & drop and and overall improved user experience
  • Easily view your Active Contacts tracking for the month

Please note, if you currently sync contact data with Microsoft Dynamics or FTP sync, Act-On Contacts is not quite ready for your use case.  Hang tight, because we’ll be announcing these integrations later this year.