Act-On Analytics

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Advanced Analytics is now available in Act-On, and it's packed with new capabilities to help you see your data in a whole new light. With customizable dashboards, data search, and AI Insights, you'll be able to gain deeper insights into your data than ever before and make better decisions about your marketing and sales strategies.  




View Act-On's published dashboards and answers for insights about your Email performance, deliverability, click throughs, form submissions, landing page activity and media downloads.

Filter by date range, title and sender

Select and compare multiple messages or assets

Explore visualizations - apply your own filters, change attributes and measures.

Drill down into data to see what is causing a spike in open rates or opt outs, submissions or clicks

Use the AI-assisted data search to ask any question about your data - and get a stunning visualization as an answer

Curate your own set of answers and pin them to your own dashboards that you can share with your team

Use Spot IQ for AI analysis on your data to help you spot outliers and trends.


During the 30 Day Free Trial, all Advanced Analytics features will be available in your Act-On account.  After your Free Trial is over, the Advanced Analytics features will be available as a paid feature.

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Gain first hand experience and meaningful insights with a 30 Day Free Trial of Act-On's Advanced Analytics Suite.  You'll have the ability to create customized dashboards, unlock powerful insights, and access our Premium AI Analytics features.