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Empowering Sales: Unleashing the
Potential of Act-On CRM Integrations

Ready to unlock new horizons for your Sales team? Join Act-On’s VP of Go-to-Market Operations, Brian Anderson, for an engaging webinar where we'll dive deep into the art of empowering and partnering with your Sales department using Act-On's CRM integrations.

Ever wondered if you’re getting the most out of the Act-On widgets in your CRM? We'll explore how they power up your outreach and collaboration for unbeatable sales success. Don't miss this chance to take your strategy to new heights and forge a lasting partnership with your Sales team!

  • Explore Act-On's CRM integrations to empower your Sales team with seamless data synchronization and targeted outreach
  • Dive into the power of Act-On's embedded widgets in your CRM, driving focused engagement and streamlined collaboration for sales success
  • Gain insights from practical use cases of businesses leveraging Act-On's integrations to strengthen Sales and create lasting partnerships

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  • CRM And Marketing Automation Integration Best Practices
    How can marketers leverage their tools with strategy, talent, and imagination to achieve remarkable outcomes for their businesses and their customers? In this on-demand webinar, Act-On’s Jennifer Blanco joins forces with Goose Digital’s Jennifer Pugsley to help you learn 3 foolproof ways to scale with marketing automation to help rock your campaigns across the customer lifecycle.
  • Use Cases: Act-On And Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration
    Act-On has a built-in integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM that provides the two-way data synchronization you need to empower sales. How does this look, exactly? Explore the following use cases to get inspired!
  • Integrate Marketing Automation Data With Your CRM To Boost Sales Success
    Every day, the privacy needs of the average consumer are becoming more and more apparent. Every day, the world’s largest companies are showing more concern for responding to these needs Data remains one of the most crucial aspects of a successful marketing and sales program for any business. Good news! It’s still possible to responsibly gather first-party data as your leads and customers interact with your digital marketing content..
  • CRM Integration Features
    Act-On makes it easy to integrate with your CRM. By syncing data in both directions, you can ensure that your sales reps are updated with the latest marketing intelligence (qualified leads), and your marketing team is armed with the latest sales data, allowing them to generate highly targeted and measurable campaigns. Read more about Act-On's built-in integrations!
  • Connect Your CRM
    Your CRM helps you measure your sales activities and provides visibility into your sales pipeline. However, built-in integration between Act-On and your CRM gives you complete visibility of your entire sales and marketing funnel from the point a lead enters the top to when the opportunity is won and they become your customer. This guide will help you connect Act-On to Salesforce, Zendesk Sell, and other supported CRMs with step-by-step instructions.
  • What It Looks Like When Your CRM And Marketing Automation Work Together
    In this webinar replay, experts in marketing, sales, customer success, and data strategy from Success Stars, Value Genie, Audalia Nexia, and Zendesk Sell sit down to explore what it looks like when your CRM and marketing automation platform are fully integrated. These leaders have seen firsthand that when businesses create a bidirectional, unified system of data that’s shared between marketing and sales, alignment and collaboration becomes much simpler - you won't want to miss this wrap-up!