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Act-On's AI Predictive Lead Score leverages our proprietary machine-learning models to help you identify leads with the highest probability of conversion. By analyzing past behaviors leading to successful sales outcomes, it can predict which leads are most likely to convert to customers. 

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Benefits of AI Predictive Lead Score

  • Improve marketing outcomes by identifying the highest probability leads
  • Save time and stop guessing; use AI to improve targeting and avoid wasting resources on unqualified leads.
  • Create targeted campaigns for higher/lower propensity contacts
  • Increase sales efficiency by helping sales teams focus on the leads most likely to buy
  • Improve sales and marketing collaboration by leveraging an AI-driven predictive lead score that helps remove the subjectiveness from the lead qualification process and ensures that both sales and marketing work towards the same goal.

Please note, this feature requires your Act-On account to be connected to a CRM and have sufficient volume of data for machine learning analysis. Interested accounts will be evaluated for eligibility.