The Great Consolidation:

How to Invest in a Winning MarTech Strategy

Experts from Forrester predict marketers will lean into more marketing automation solutions and personalization tools in the coming year. The catch? Only 1 out of 4 of these MarTech efforts will reach a return on investment.

The root of that stunning shortfall, analysts say, is a lack of insights into the prospective buyer. So how can you, as a marketer, tap into your MarTech stack to pull the right data that will help to personalize journeys and convert your buyers?


During this session you'll learn:

  • Where exactly to invest in your MarTech strategy
  • Why consolidating your MarTech stack is important right now
  • The important building blocks for a solid marketing tech stack
  • How to unite your data for better personalization and automation strategies

Let's help to make sure your MarTech stack rises to the occasion and doesn't fall flat! 

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Andrew McCraith, VP of Partnerships and Alliances, Act-On

Andrew McCraith

VP of Parterships & Alliances

Act-On Software

Hussam AlMuhktar, Sr. Director of Strategic Growth and Partnerships

Hussam AlMukhtar 

Sr. Director of Strategic Growth & Partnerships