Growth Marketing Essentials:

From Funnel to Lifecycle Marketing

Act-On’s Growth Marketing Essentials Webinar Series examines how growth marketing automation can help you go beyond traditional lead and funnel management to drive persistent business growth and long-term value.

Historically, the traditional funnel functioned as a practical basis for growing businesses. However, with all the resources available to prospective customers, 68% of them leave if they perceive you are indifferent toward them. Gone are the days of just attracting, capturing, and closing the deal, which means developing an immersive and engaging lifecycle marketing strategy is a must. 

This webinar will cover:

  • How to shift from funnel to lifecycle marketing — and why it’s essential to pivot
  • Best practices for improving your customers’ holistic buying experiences — from acquisition to advocacy
  • Real-world business examples that prove the value of this essential marketing approach

Together we’ll explore the necessary shift from funnel marketing to lifecycle marketing — which maximizes the full customer journey, consistently elevates your brand, and delivers great customer experiences. 


David Greenberg

SVP Marketing


Loren Johnson

Director Product Marketing