Act-On Power-Up



Ready to get started with Act-On's Subscription Management? Sr. Marketing Automation Consultant, Tatiana Lea, joins us for the June 2022 session of the Power-Up webinar series to share her favorite 5 ways to leverage Subscription Management. In this 30-minute session, you’ll… 

  • Learn how Subscription Management encourages higher engagement from your contacts and supports your deliverability rate while minimizing opt-outs
  • Discover how to use Subscription Management out of the box, and when using a Custom Subscription Management Center might be better for you, your business, and your contacts
  • Leave empowered and ready to seamlessly integrate Act-On's Subscription Management into your existing marketing efforts

Ready for more?

Excited to learn more about Act-On's Subscription Management feature? Want to dive deeper into integrating Subscription Management into your existing marketing efforts? We've curated a collection of articles, success guides, and campaign playbooks to help you further deepen your email subscription knowledge.

  • How to Set Up Subscription Management
    Your contacts are less likely to opt-out if they can choose what types of messages they receive. Click here if you're ready to get started with Subscription Management!
  • Email Unsubscribers: Keep the Bad Out – and the Good In
    Unsubscribes do not have a negative effect on your email sending reputation. In a sense, they’re a type of list cleaning, as unengaged people are being taken off your list – they are no longer going to ignore your emails. However, there are ways, and things you can do, to keep your recipients engaged and minimize your unsubscribe rate. 
  • How to Set Up a Custom Subscription Management Center
    Intrigued by a Custom Subscription Management Center? This guide provides the step-by-step process you can follow to set up your own custom Subscription Management workflow.
  • How to Send Emails to Subscription Categories
    Subscription Management all set up and ready to go? Not sure how to send to your subscribers? This article has you covered!
  • Checking Your Subscription Management List
    Need to check your Subscription Management list? Curious to see the subscription status for a specific contact? This article helps you locate your Subscription Management list.
  • Campaign Playbook: Subscription Management
    Subscription Management can lower your opt-out rate and increase prospect and customer engagement, and Act-On recommends it for all verticals. This playbook covers set-up, style, and strategy.
  • Campaign Playbook: Email Newsletter Campaign
    Email newsletters allow companies to provide informative content to subscribers to promote brand awareness and potentially increase customer conversions. Learn how to set up and launch your newsletter campaign and build your subscription list effectively through incentivization.
  • Email Marketing Data Permission and Acquisition
    Obtaining data permission to send to your contacts will increase email engagement, leading to more business opportunities. What is considered permission to send? How do we get permission? How do we keep it, and how does Subscription Management play a part?