Act-On Webinar:

4 Steps to Engage Your Prospects with Personalisation

According to Gartner 63% of marketers struggle with personalisation technology. A comprehensive personalisation strategy can help your brand stand out.

It’s easy for today’s buyers to be overwhelmed with marketing. So how does your brand stand a chance of connecting? By engaging authentically with personalisation. Delivering personalised experiences that wow your buyers reinforces purchase activity and forms trustworthy relationships between your brand and future customers.

In this workshop, you'll learn how to use personalisation to:

  • Create customised experiences through your website
  • Improve CTAs with dynamic email content
  • Automate the buyer’s journey and build relationships
  • Segment your data to create and deliver tailored retention strategies


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Tatiana Lea

Learning Consultant, Marketing Automation

Act-On Software

Janet Nawijn

Manager, Marketing & Sales

Marketing Guys

Naila Basit

Manager, Marketing EMEA

Act-On Software