Your digital marketing:

How to Best Pivot to an Online World

It goes without saying, but it is not business as usual. Not only will the next six to 12 months bring many changes - large and small - but how, when and what we do as marketers is forever changed.

We want to help enable all marketers around the globe to embrace this change through technology.

Join us on April 29th at 11:00 am PDT, as we share strategic guiding principles, and practical know-how to create a digital path that is right-sized for your business.


  • How your business can be thinking about your digital marketing efforts as we move to a more online and automated world (both in the short and long term)
  • Tips for when and how to utilize various channels
  • Proven approaches from successful customer use cases

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Heather Burford

Marketing Manager - Universal Funding Corporation

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